Saturday, June 26, 2010

Full Metal Jacket Reach Around: The Storm is Brewing Edition

It's time for the FMJRA again; this one short and sweet as we're on our way to Coushatta again to get veggies.  No side stops this time, though.  It's hard to believe, but Ed Lester's will be shutting down in another month for the summer.  Where has the time gone!  So, we've got to get while the gettin's good, as they say.  I'm hoping to get a bunch of peas to put up in the freezer for the winter.  Last year, we had purple hulls all winter long, which was great!

There's a storm brewing in the Gulf, if you haven't heard.  And another potential one right behind it.  In Louisiana, we've had our eye on the system all week, and sure enough, here it comes.  How strong it will be is still at issue, but any storm will be bad enough as all cleanup efforts will have to cease for two weeks before the storm blows through. There are a lot of vessels out in the Gulf working on this thing and they'll all have to seek safe harbor.  A total disaster.

Let's get right to the links as I've got to pull out of here shortly:

Speaking of storms, Doug Ross explains the implications of this one.

No Sheeples Here has a reminder about the Korean War.

Don't anyone tell Little Miss Attila that I paid $6.00 for a 2 lb. bag of Louisiana Popcorn Rice this week.

The Other McCain has been all over the Dave Wiegel story.

Pirate's Cove has your stupid liberal story of the week.  Bride of Rove adds her two cents.

Camp of the Saints has your stupid Barney Frank statement of the week.

Legal Insurrection brings you up to speed on the "heartless" Republicans who are out to deliberately wreck the economy.

Caught Him With a Corndog reports on yet another tragedy because of the BP oil crisis.

For your musical interlude, check out Reaganite Republican and classic Eric Clapton!

Another Black Conservative is watching for that Executive Order on Amnesty.

A Cop's Watch reports that off duty police officers in Arizona are being told to carry guns.

Pundette posts on the administration's promotion of illegal immigration.

Okay, I've got to stop here.  I'll update later in the day.  My ride to the veggie stand will be here soon and I've got to hit the showers!

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Thanks for the FMJRA Pat and good veggie hunting!