Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Prophetic Michael Yon

Add war correspondent Michael Yon to those calling for the firing of General McChrystal as a result of the Rolling Stone article.  Yon has a copy of the article and has been posting excerpts to his Facebook page, including this one:

"By midnight at Kitty O'Shea's, much of Team America is completely shitfaced.  Two officers do an Irish jig, mixed with steps from a traditional Afghan wedding dance, while McChrystal's top advisers lock arms and sing a slurred song of their own invention.  "Afghanistan!"  they bellow.  "Afghanistan!"  They call it their Afghanistan song."

McChrystal steps away from the circle observing his team.  "All these men," he tells me, "I'd die for them.  And they'd die for me."

Yon reports that this drunk-fest was also the same week he was de-embedded.

Yon writes:  "From here on out I'm going to call McChrystal President McChystal until President Obama fires him or McChrystal denies this article," citing complete insubordination to the president.

Yon has been critical of McChrystal for weeks now and warning of a failed outcome in Afghanistan under current leadership there.  Most recently, Yon reported on June 12 that morale is dangerously low and McChrystal should be replaced.

Looks like Yon might have been right.

The Rolling Stone article is here.

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