Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Shocker! Nothing Inferior About the Packgen Boom

My mood is so foul I'm not posting much today.  I am, however, expecting some humorous moments later on when the Oil Spill Czar tries to back track on the excuse that Packgen boom is inferior now that an independent consultant has said it's actually just fine, and in fact, nearly indestructible.


This ought to be good.

Guess that Packgen stuff wasn't union made or something.  Waiting for Bobby Jindal to take a fleet up to Maine himself, get the boom, and send the bill to BP.  Go Bobby, Go!


Hot Air has the story, and so does Jake Tapper.


Chris M. said...

I can understand why you feel so depressed. Obama is creating a sense of powerlessness among the American people. We are used to doing things and fixing things. And here is an ugly situation that cries out for fixing. But none of us individually can do anything about it. This is a situation so big that only something as big as BP or the government could get anything done. And BP and Barack are both talking like they care and talking like they are doing something. But we keep seeing that well and the endless oil flowing into the gulf and fouling everything around. Except for the slow moving work on the relief well NOTHING is happening. NOTHING! Obama keeps up the 'I'm in charge and I'm doing something' talk. But he is not doing anything but talking, golfing and going to parties. This is crazy making for all who are watching. Even those who once were OK with anything Obama said or did are starting to lose it and yell criticism at him. And he doesn't care. He still will not do anything. I read and watch and say to myself, "They have the technology and the ability to suck up that oily water and separate the oil out and thus minimize the damage. But they are not going to do that. Why they won't I do not know. But plainly Obama and BP have passed on that partial solution." I want to bang my head against something so I do not have to experience this state of complete and total powerlessness that Obama and company have left me in. Here I am trying to figure out how an adult can handle this insanity without yelling a lot. Meanwhile there is Obama, center stage, making snarky comments, picking and grinning like a fool, playing golf and partying. Depression and yelling both are sane reactions to this. But for the life of me I cannot conceive how a responsible, thoughtful adult can be behaving as Obama is.

Helen H-W said...

I really like this comment Chris M. left. It's perfect. Thank you, Chris M. I second that emotion!