Saturday, June 26, 2010

Veggie Heaven

The dog days of summer continue.  We ran down to Coushatta today and loaded up on veggies, some of which you can see here.  We bought lots of sweet corn, 1/2 bushel of speckled butter beans, 1/2 bushel of green butter beans, 1 bushel of purple hulls, a bag full of new potatoes, four Armistead sweet onions, some freestone peaches, lots of tomatoes, two cucumbers, and one zucchini.

Steve begged me to get the peas already shelled this time, so we did.  He's kind of over pea shelling this summer!  We've spent the afternoon putting up corn, peas and butter beans so we are good to go for the winter!  I'm like a squirrel when it comes to putting up food for the winter.  Love my fresh veggies!

They are really praying for rain down there.  As we drove and looked at the corn fields along the highway you can tell who irrigates and who doesn't.  Lots of the corn is burning up in the fields.  At Lester's, they said they'll have two more weeks of corn unless there is rain.  They'll be down to peas, peaches and some tomatoes before too long.

We're just chillin' here in the AC now, watching baseball and playing with dogs.  Might fire up the grill in a bit for some burgers.

How's your Saturday going?


Andy said...

Heh! Steve is a quick learner!!!

One round of shelling purple hull peas is enough!!!

And, speckled butter beans are even worse! Shell all afternoon, and get half a little pot full.

Since you asked, my afternoon is going just "smashingly." I am inside in AC...well, mostly "inside." All my 6 bushels of "already shelled" purple hulls (round two) got processed yesterday morning, and I'm takin' care of biniss today.

Well, really just goofing off...

Nice haul from Coushatta. It is dry...way too dry. Maybe we'll get some rain soon. We had a huge downpour here two days ago. The garden smiled...and so did I. But, we sure need some more.

steve said...

Andy, It wasn't because I am a quick learner. The first three words in the second paragraph of Pat's post explains it all. Begging is an understatement. It was more like groveling.

Andy said...

Steve, Nyuk! You da' man!!!

Jim said...

Yum! And I love those Armistead onions!

sheryl said...

we went to clear lake for evan's birthday party. evan turned one today! yea! anyway the fields are flooded around des moines and northern iowa. the corn is scrawny and there are big muddy bare patches where the water receded from the flooded fields. several fields still had water in them. looked like little lakes!

the weather man said it might rain tomorrow then promised 4 dry days to finish june. wish we could share our rainy weather.