Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Obama is "Not Resting" Again This Evening

After spending the day trying to convince senior citizens that it'll be great when they lose their Medicare Advantage or face cuts in Medicare coverage, Obama will continue "not resting" in his quest to lead the nation out of the disaster that is the BP oil spill by hosting a congressional picnic tonight.

There will be a guest list of 2,000 to help take his mind off the oil spill and bask in his greatness.  They will dine on foods representing "the four corners of the U.S."   Chef Jason Stoller Smith from Oregon will be on hand to cook Copper River salmon held by alder branches over a 45 foot pit dug into the White House lawn

No word on whether or not the menu will include Gulf shrimp, oysters or redfish.


FleurDeKat said...

Pat, you are brilliant!!! You seem to tap into my own thoughts, but you put them down on paper while I just ruminate...thanks for your postings...Kathy Warren, Shreveport

Red said...

It should. Dipped in crude.