Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jindal Responds to Moratorium Ruling

Via WWL news, Governor Bobby Jindal is pleased with the moratorium ruling today, and encouraged the White House not to appeal the ruling:

We were very please with the preliminary injunction today...the judge called the moratorium arbitrary and capricious.
Listen to your own scientific experts that met with Secretary Salazar yesterday, to say they never recommended a six-month moratorium," Jindal implored the White House. "Listen to the same experts who said that six month moratorium was not necessary to improve safety in the Gulf," 

 Reuters reports, however, that the White House will immediately appeal the ruling, citing safety and concern for the environment. The Hill confirms this.

Wait, what?  Concern for the environment?  When did that happen?  Did Obama waive the Jones Act and let those Dutch skimmers come in?  Did I miss that?

Because, you know, when one person screws up, we have to punish everybody.  Sort of like how the government shut down all auto manufacturing when Toyota had that problem with those brake pedals awhile back.

What?  No?



Red said...

Which is why I'm glad Nobama got a public kick to his tiny little man giblets from McChrystal even though it cost the general his job. That and a slap to his over-reaching litigious face compliments of Bobby Jindal and the people of the great state of Louisiana. He's probably pining for the green.Don't be surprised if the media announces yet another golf game in progress. God help our country.

Naomi said...

You rock, Pat!

Bob K. said...

"Wait, what? Concern for the environment? When did that happen? Did Obama waive the Jones Act and let those Dutch skimmers come in? Did I miss that?"

Well said. Proof positive that "environmental concern" only extends to how it may be used to control even more of our lives.

Red said...

Hey! Thanks for putting my name up in lights :-D

Bob K. said...

You are most welcome.

In fact, you just made it into THYME Magazine [click to read].

Good stuff! Keep up the good work!